Acne Scar Reduction and Keloid Treatments in Murrieta, CA

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Imperfections, like acne scars and keloids (raised scars), can have a significant impact on how we look and the way we feel about our appearance. To address these concerns, board-certified osteopathic physician Dr. Kelly L. McKerahan is proud to perform nonsurgical scar reduction with the Opus Plasma™. Nonsurgical scar reduction at our primary care facility utilizes advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology to gently and precisely resurface the affected skin and produce a smoother, flatter, more even appearance. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to diminish the look of scars without the need for surgery, reach out to our office in Murrieta, CA and schedule a consultation with our team.

Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Technique

During your procedure, you can relax in our special treatment chair while the handpiece glides over the skin, directly targeting the areas that are affected by unwanted scars. You will feel the warmth from the technology followed by cold air from the system's built-in cooling system. The Opus device works to remove dead and damaged skin cells while also stimulating new collagen production, resulting in a smoother, more even tone and texture. Depending on the severity of your scars and your goals, you may require several treatments spaced a few weeks apart to achieve the look you want.


When scars are unsightly or unnoticeable, they can often leave us feeling like we look less than our absolute best. Thankfully, Dr. Kelly McKerahan has a solution: nonsurgical scar reduction can be performed to help diminish the appearance of certain types of scars, namely keloids and acne scars. If you'd like to achieve a smoother skin texture and more even complexion, reach out to our team in Murrieta, CA and schedule your appointment today!

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